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Aarti Sabharwal Biography

Aarti Sabharwal Biography: Aarti Sabharwal, the ex-wife of actor and filmmaker late Rajiv Kapoor, is an Indian fashion designer and architect. In this article we will see Aarti Sabharwal Wiki, Age, Family, Husband and many more.

Aarti Sabharwal Career

Aarti Sabharwal started her career as an architect. After the divorce, Aarti moved to Canada in 2003, where she worked in a law firm, then in 2004 established her own fashion label “Zachaire” in Delhi. Aarti also runs a business of pickles in New Delhi.

Aarti Sabharwal Biography
Aarti Sabharwal Biography

Aarti Sabharwal Family

After dating actor Rajiv Kapoor, Aarti Sabharwal married him in the year 2001. According to reports, Raj Kapoor’s father and famous actor Raj Kapoor was against their marriage. Shortly after the marriage, Aarti and Rajiv’s relationship started to sour and they separated in the year 2003 after two years of marriage. The couple had no children.

  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Affairs/Boyfriend: Rajiv Kapoor
  • Husband (Husband) Self : Rajeev Kapoor (Actor and Director)
  • Children:None
  • Date of Wedding Year: 2001
  • Divorced Year: 2003

Aarti Sabharwal Tattoo

Aarti Sabharwal has got a tattoo of “Om Sai Ram” on her right hand and flowers on her right chest.

Facts related to Aarti Sabharwal

  • Does Aarti Sabharwal consume alcohol? Yes
  • Aarti Sabharwal is an Indian archtech and fashion designer.
  • Famous actor Raj Kapoor ji was against the marriage of Aarti Sabharwal and Rajiv Kapoor.
  • Aarti Sabharwal runs her own pickle business.

In this article, we have shared in detail the information related to the biography of Aarti Sabharwal, the ex-wife of actor and director Rajiv Kapoor, hope that you would have liked this information, and if we have missed any information or you think that something new can be added. If so, we welcome your suggestions.

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FAQs related to Aarti Sabharwal

Who is Aarti Sabharwal?

Answer- Aarti Sabharwal is the ex-wife of late actor Rajiv Kapoor.


How many children does Aarti Sabharwal have?

Answer- Rajiv Kapoor and Aarti Sabharwal did not have any children.

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