Ama Rajya Odisha Essay in Odia

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Ama Rajya Odisha Essay in Odia 10 Lines

  1. The name of our state is Odisha. It carries many of its oldest names in India.
  2. Kalinga is its oldest name.
  3. It is also known as Utkal because of the country of fine arts.
  4. The population of Odisha is about 4.37 crore.
  5. There are about 30 districts in Odisha. Ganjam is the largest district in terms of population.
  6. The natural beauty of Odisha is so beautiful that it is less known than any other heaven.
  7. Especially many tourists from home and abroad come here to enjoy the nature of Odisha.
  8. Due to the birthplace of many Yogi Rusi, people from different states come here for its sanctuary, Puri Tirtha.
  9. Shrikshetra Puri is one of the four best temples in Odisha. Therefore, people involved in spiritual activities must come here in their lives.
  10. Odisha is famous for its history, art, sculpture and Kalinga style crafts. An example of this is the Konark Temple. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.
Ama Rajya Odisha Essay in Odia

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