Aranya Sampada Essay in Odia Download

Aranya Sampada Essay in Odia

Aranya sampada essay in odia, odisha ra prakrutika sampada, prakrutika sambala in odia, aranya sampada odia essay pdf download, aranya sampada rachana odia, aranya sampada essay odia. “We understand the protected and unprotected forests and forests that are visible all around us,” he said. Once upon a time, humans lived in the forest like other wildlife. Over time he formed a society as a social animal and settled.


Some of the wild plants were considered useful for their cultivation, and wildlife was kept as a pastoral habitat. Humans have always been dependent on the forest for their livelihood by collecting a variety of products, such as wood, leaves, fruits, roots, flowers, medicines, animals, and birds.

Aranya Sampada Essay in Odia

Even today, millions of people, especially indigenous peoples, live in the jungle and in the forests and depend on the forest for their daily living. So the forest is considered one of our most important resources. Forests are a major source of biodiversity. Biodiversity generally refers to all species of animals, plants, and organisms living in one place.

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