Bagalamukhi Mantra in Odia

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Before chant Devi Bagalamukhi Bija Mantra in Odia You should follow the rules.

  • Before Chant Bath First And Do Asana Suddhi
  • Chant it at Sri Yantra or Bagalamukhi Yantra (Without Bagalamukhi Photo or Yantra It will Not Work)
  • Keep Brahmacharya
  • Do Not Think About Exploit Womens.
  • Go To Nearest Devi Temple Once in a Week.
  • Chant it through Red Sandal (Rakta Chandan Mala) Beeds.

Ekakhyari Mantra

Om Hrim Bagalamukhi Swaahaa

Bagalamukhi Mantra in Odia

Chatukshyari Mantra

Om Eim Hrim Krom

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