Amazing Bashir Khan Biography : Angad Role Actor Of Ramanad Sagar Ramayan

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Bashir Khan Biography

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Bashir Khan Biography: You must know them very well. This is Angad, the character of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana serial. And this character was brought to life by actor Baseer Khan. In the Ramayana, which was re-aired during the lockdown in the year 2020, as soon as Angad set foot on the ground, he became viral on social media. Just what was the actor’s search started.

Even if Angad’s name comes, the face of this actor comes to the fore. After all, who is the actor with such tremendous acting? This actor was Basir Khan. Once he had gone out to find Mother Sita in the form of Angad and now the public had come out to find him in his real form.

But due to non-availability of information on the net, many videos were hastily uploaded on YouTube with wrong information. It was mostly told that apart from Ramayana, Basir Khan has also acted in serials like Mahabharata and Shri Krishna. But if this information is correct then the answer is no.

This time we took the help of our channel’s YouTube friend Kapil Varshney to gather information. Those who watch all the religious serials very closely and also recognize those actors. He also took the cooperation of other artists of Ramayana for this information. When the search started for the information of actor Basir Khan, it was found that two or two Basir Khan had played characters in the Ramayana.

One Basir Khan played the character of Angad and the other Basir Khan played Vajramusti. Angad’s character was big, so he came in the eyes of Basir Khan. But even after a lot of research, there is no information available about them anywhere. So the matter arose that who is this Basir Khan who played the character in Shri Krishna and in Mahabharata.

Bashir Khan Biography
Bashir Khan Biography

First let us tell about Basir Khan who played the character of Angad. Apart from Ramayana, he also played the role of Ravana in Sagar Sahab’s Jai Mahalakshmi serial. No one knows where he is after that. Now let’s talk about Basir Khan who played the role of Vajramusti in Ramayana.

Apart from Ramayana, he also played many characters in Shri Krishna and Mahabharata. Where he played the characters of Dwivid Vanar, Bhaumasur, Banasur, Maya Demon and Mur Rakshas in Shri Krishna serial, he played the role of Rishi Parashar, father of Maharishi Beas in Mahabharata. In Mahabharata itself, there was another Basir Khan who played the character of Satyaki and later he was also seen in the superhit Hindi film Aashiqui in 1990.

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In total, in Ramayana, Shri Krishna and Mahabharata, total 3 actors named Bashir Khan played characters. We have collected this information with great effort. We continued to do such hard work in the same way.

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