Bekari Samasya in Odia

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Bekari Samasya Essay in Odia.


Even after so many years of India’s independence, India seems to be facing a new problem day by day, out of which one of the major problems is unemployment. Due to the problem, even the basic needs of the person are not fulfilled.

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What is Unemployment in Odia?

Unemployment is said to be that state when there are more people working in the country and they are able and willing to work at the prevailing wage rate but still they do not get work. In other words, unemployment is the non-availability of (work) employment at the prevailing wage rate to persons who are mentally and physically capable and willing to work.

Bekari Samasya in Odia Essay

Types of Unemployment in Odia

Just as unemployment is becoming a big problem continuously, in the same way there are many types of it, which mainly include disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, open unemployment, underemployment and conflict unemployment along with others.

Disguised unemployment – Question unemployment is said when the workers are only seen engaged in work but sufficient amount of work is not available for them, for example – if 5 people do the work of 2 people and production is done by 3 people leaving will have no effect on

Seasonal unemployment – ​​This type of unemployment is mostly found in rural areas because here according to the season, work is available on the crop, brick kiln, otherwise people mostly remain idle.

Open unemployment – Open unemployment is said to be that unemployment when a person is ready and able to work but he does not get work and remains unemployed full time (unemployment). Found in people coming to cities etc.

Underemployment – Underemployment is said to be a condition when a person gets work for less than the time he should get, then it is called underemployment, for example a person is willing to work for 8 hours a day. But he gets only 6 hours of work.

Conflict unemployment – Conflict unemployment is said to be that state if a person is working in one place or company but he wants to work in other companies or places due to some reason, then that person has to work for some (days, months) in the middle of that process. ) will have to remain unemployed or idle or they want to remain, then where will the conflict unemployment go to that stage.

Population Growth – Population growth is the main reason for the fatal problem like unemployment, due to the rapid increase in population, we have less employment opportunities because we are not able to develop employment opportunities that fast and we have to face this problem. have to do

Improvement in education system – To overcome unemployment, we need to change or improve our education system, we have to pay attention to the vocational education system, through which workable skills and abilities can be created in people, such as doctors, engineers etc. |

Control of population – We can solve this problem even by controlling population, we should make policy and rules related to it and follow them.

Control over mechanization – Instead of producing by machines, we should produce by workers, by which it will help in controlling this problem and people will get employment.