Bigyanara Upakarita Odia Essay 2022 {Pdf Download}

Bigyanara Upakarita Odia Essay

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Benefits of science and technology in Odia

If we think about it, there are many benefits of science and technology. They range from small things to big ones. For example, the morning paper we read, which gives us reliable information, is the result of scientific progress. Moreover, electrical appliances without which it is difficult to imagine life such as refrigerators, ACs, microwaves etc. are the result of advanced technological advancements.

Bigyanara Upakarita Odia Essay, Bigyanara Upakarita Odia Essay Pdf Download
Bigyanara Upakarita Odia Essay Pdf

Also, if we look at the transportation landscape, we see that science and technology play a major role here as well. We can reach other parts of the earth faster, all the result of advanced nature of technology.

In addition, science and technology have enabled man to see beyond our planet. The discovery of new planets and the establishment of satellites in space has been possible largely due to science.

Similarly, science and technology have made an impact on the medical and agricultural sectors as well. Various treatments being discovered for diseases have saved millions of lives through science. Moreover, technology has increased the production of various crops benefiting the farmers in a big way.