Binapani Mohanty Biography in Odia

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Born on November 11, 1936, Veenapani Mohanty retired from the profession as an economics professor. In 2020, he was awarded the Padma Shri for his literary achievements. Atibadi Jagannath Das, the highest award in Oriya literature, was honored by the late Veenapani Mohanty. He was also honored with the Kendra Sahitya Akademi and the Sharla Award.

He also served as the President of the Odisha Writers’ Parliament. Veenapani Mohanty graduated in 1953 with a matriculation degree, a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1956, and a master’s degree in 1954. His literary career began with writing poetry. She began working as an economics professor in 180 and retired in 1922.

She was unmarried for life. His first poem, “Tandrahat”, was published in 1955 in the Narimahal Republic. Her first short story, “The Story of a Night,” was published in 1959 in the Sunday Republic. In 1911, his story “Nauch Tree” won him a lot of readership, and he left poetry and began writing his story entirely.

Veenapani takes the truth from the current life and turns it into a story. The story of “Nauchach” was written while teaching at Kuntala Kumari College, Balasore. The motive behind this story was the self-inflicted nausea in college. Similarly, the story of Patdei was written by a girl who was pushed into a bus at Rasulgarh Chowk in Bhubaneswar.

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