Bindusara Maurya Biography

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Bindusara Maurya Biography

Bindusara Maurya Biography: Chandragupta Maurya’s son Bindusara ruled in 297-98 BC and is said to have been a minor when he came to power and ruled for about 26 years till 272/273/268 BC when he died at the age of 52/47. Along with other names of Bindusara like Simhasen, Madrasara and Ajatashatru Varisara, possibly Amitraghat was also there.

Father’s Son And Son’s Father

Bindusara was also called ‘father’s son and son’s father’ because he was the son of the mighty Chandragupta Maurya and the father of the mighty Chakravarti emperor Ashoka, but Bindusara himself is not counted among the best rulers or brave warriors.

In the Maurya Empire, the names of grandfather-grandchildren are often taken as Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka, so there is a lack of more authentic information about Bindusara and contradictions are also seen in the available details.

Chandragupta Maurya established Akhand Bharat by snatching his territories from the kings and feudatories of sixteen Mahajanapadas with the intellect and skill of Acharya Chanakya.

Bindusara had an area of ​​land from the eastern sea to the western sea. According to Tibetan Lama Tarnath and Jain legend, Chanakya also guided Bindusara. After Chanakya, as mentioned in various sources, Khallataka, Radhagupta and Subandhu took over as the general secretary for Bindusara.

Bindusara Maurya Biography
Bindusara Maurya Biography

Birth of Bindusara

Born in about 320 BC, Bindusara had brought the mark of Bindusara on his forehead from birth because Mother Durdhara had eaten leftover food of Chandragupta, Bindusara’s father, due to which he died because from the childhood of Chandragupta, Acharya Chanakya made him consume mild poison. They used to do this so that its body becomes poison-resistant for the future and its life could not be easily harmed even by the use of snakes or poisons by the enemies.

Because of this, Chandragupta’s body itself had become toxic to others. Acharya Chanakya had ordered to cut the stomach in order to bring alive the child born in the womb of the dead Durdhara, due to which the life of the fetus was saved and the poison was concentrated in the form of a point on the head, from which its name ‘Bindusar’.

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Bindusara’s Family

Many daughters, including 16 queens and 101 sons of Bindusara, are mentioned in the Buddhist texts Deepvansh and Mahavansh. The names of some children are found, but not all. Ashoka was born to a Brahmin daughter, Subhadrangi. Subhadrangi also known as ‘Dharma’ and ‘Janapadkalyani’ was the daughter of a poor Brahmin.

Due to his devious policies, Acharya Chanakya, a famous teacher in the whole world as an economist and for administrative management, had set the golden future of India by establishing the Maurya Empire at the hands of Chandragupta Maurya. 

But Bindusara, born with a silver spoon, did not do anything special on his own and his eldest son Sushen was unfit to rule due to his evil nature, thus killing his brothers, Ashoka finally took power in his hands.

Bindusara and Religious Upliftment

As mentioned in the seventh pillar inscription of Ashoka, the earlier kings also wished for the growth of religion. Like his father Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara was also of inquisitive nature and used to interact with scholars and philosophers.


At the time of Ashoka’s birth, Ashoka’s mother Subhadrangi had said – “I have become Ashoka due to the birth of this child, so it should be named ‘Ashok’. Ashoka later became the Chakravarti emperor of India, who protected the borders of Northeast India and expanded the state with his bravery and eventually adopted the Buddhist sect. After three to four years after the death of Bindusara, the details of Ashoka’s ruling are available, but who ruled the power during this period is unknown.

Skepticism Of War Strategies

Rebellion of Taxila – During the reign of Bindusara, suffering from the corruption of the officials and the misrule of Sushen (Bindusara’s eldest son), the people of the western province of Taxila revolted, which was revolted by Bindusara’s eldest son Susena (at that time the local The ruler) could not suppress.

Ashoka was appointed. It is a matter of great capability in itself to handle the vast empire of Akhand Bharat established by Chandragupta Maurya under the guidance of Acharya Chanakya, but there is no concrete evidence that Bindusara himself has expanded the kingdom somewhere. 

His father Chandragupta had already conquered most of the vast Indian subcontinent including North India. Bindusara may have also conducted conquests that stayed around Karnataka and that too not because of Bindusara’s bravery but because the Mauryas had cordial relations with the Chola, Pandya and Chera chieftains of the south. By the way, it is also said that father Chandragupta might have also conquered the south because Bindusara was a luxurious king.

Bindusara period currency Karshapana

Bindusara’s death – According to different contexts, Bindusara ruled for 24 or 27 years. According to one estimate Bindusara died in 272 BC while according to other historians Bindusara died in 270 BC.

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