Birakishore Das Biography in Odia Pdf Download

Birakishore Das Biography in Odia

Birakishore das biography in odia, birakishore das wikipedia in odia language, birakishore das jibani in odia, birakishore das in odia essay, birakishore das life story in odia pdf, birakishore das details in odia language, about birakishore das in odia language, jatiya kabi bira kishore das biography in odia, birakishore das life history in odia pdf download. National poet Birkishore Das. During the country’s independence struggle, the non-cooperation movement, and the Salt Satyagraha, the revolution sparked a wave of poetry, a revolution against the British government, and a wave of nationalism. He was born on November 23 in Poonang village in Jagatsinghpur district.

“We see very few works of poetry by the servant of Birkishore Das. But his poems are quite effective. It touched people’s hearts and inspired them. Each of his poems evoked a sense of patriotism in the minds of the people. He has a special place in the world of Oriya poetry, ”said Harihar Mishra, president of the Odisha Sahitya Akademi.

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His flamboyant poems, written in simple language, caused a great stir among the liberating masses. Enlightened by racism, he renounced his passion for government service and joined the struggle for independence.

Birakishore Das Biography in Odia

Birkishore Das, a national poet, was one of the writers who came to the forefront of the literary movement during the independence movement and brought to life the liberation struggle. Poetry of patriotism flowed from his pen. His poetry enriched our mother tongue. He has also written many poems for children, ”said Vishnupad Sethi, Chief Administrative Secretary, Department of Oriya Language, Literature and Culture.

Birkishore quit his government job in the 1930s and joined the Salt Satyagraha. He wrote various poems at the time. Ran Dunduvi, Ranveer, Bidrohibina, Mohanbenu, Sabujasathi, Samar Geet Amar Amar Geet, Satdeep etc. are his timeless creations, ”said Ranjan Kumar Das, Director, Department of Oriya Language, Literature and Culture.