Brukhya Ropana Essay in Odia

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Brukhya Ropana Essay in Odia

The forest is the abode of the indigenous people Indigenous peoples had close ties with trees The tree was the mainstay of her life The forest still creates a sense of excitement among us Trees are the nourishment of man Even today, in a prosperous national life, forests are considered a valuable resource from an economic point of view. So the forest is no longer uninhabitable, unattractive or that it is not a hindrance to the human path.

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The ill effects of deforestation are far-reaching After listening to the alarm bells of the destruction of civilization and the extinction of life, human beings have concentrated on tree planting for forest conservation and renewal of devastated forests.

The creation of new forests in areas where there is no forest is afforestation or afforestation To make this a success, in the first week of July each year, the nationwide community participates in tree planting programs. It is known as Banamotsav in our country.

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The contribution of the forest god In the first week of July each year, Forest Festival Week is celebrated in our country to address the problems caused by natural forest degradation.

The procedure for planting new trees on this day So the saplings prepared by the forest department are attracted to tree planting by providing them to the public for free or at low cost.

Steps are being taken to create new forests to compensate for deforestation at the government level. Deforestation has made it possible to create artificial forests These afforestation schemes include coastal afforestation, reforestation, social afforestation, degraded land afforestation, and urban afforestation.

Due to the lack of care after planting, the saplings are fed to the cows and cows. Millions of dollars are wasted You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people Corruption should not be tolerated in the name of sapling and tree planting.