Chakyusi Vidya Odia Tantra Sadhana

Hello dear readers, welcome to Orissa Times. Through today’s article I am going to talk about Chakhyusi Vidya Odia Tantra Sadhana. You have heard about Gote Siddhi in many Puranas and in my video you have also heard a lot about Chakhyusi Vidya. What exactly is Chakshusi Vidya? Chakhyusi vidya means eye power. The secret science of our Sanatan Dharma. This Vidya is often located near Yakhini, Gandharva. There are two ways to acquire Chakhyusi Vidya. The first way is to do the sadhana of any Yaksha, Mivarva, Naga, Naga girl directly and get siddhi from him. Otherwise the pure seven-fold Chatsushi Vidya will perform the sadhana.

Chakyusi Vidya Odia Tantra Sadhana_compressed

What are the benefits of practicing Chakhyusi Sadhana?

Chakyusi Vidya Odia Tantra Sadhana

• Get rid of all the diseases related to the first eye.
• If your eyes are bad, it will get better.
• Eye shine will be fixed.
• Eye brightness can be increased day by day.
• Spirits should be seen with naked eyes.
• The unaided eye can see buried treasure 100 feet below the soil.
• It will also be seen which power belongs to that place and wealth.

Chakhyusi vidya odia tantra sadhana

How to do this Sadhana?

Every day at 5:30 in the morning he will finish his work such as bath. Then sit on the cushion facing east. First, chant the investment mantra, then pour water into the copper pot in front of you. I told you one thing to learn odia tantra sadhana this website is always good for you. By looking at the sun, the mantra will be recited only 12 times. After chanting the mantra, offer the water to the sun at that place. By doing this, you will see that in just 3 months, all types of eye related diseases will be eliminated. And gradually Chattushi Vidya will be perfected. But AI tools have some restrictions. If you obey that restriction, then you will definitely achieve Chatsushi Vidya. What are the restrictions of this odia tantra sadhana?

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