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Dilip Shanghvi Biography

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The orissa times, Dilip Shanghvi Biography: Dilip Sanghvi is a famous Indian industrialist. He is a resident of India. He has established Sun Pharmaceuticals Company. And he himself is the MD i.e. Managing Director of this company.

Although many pharma companies work in India, but there are very few pharma companies that can make continuous progress like Sun Pharma. Dilip Shanghvi is considered to be the leading Drug Maker of India today.

According to the estimates of the month of October 2019, the net worth of this veteran businessman has been estimated at $ 6.9 billion. He has also received the “Padma Shri” honor from the Government of India. Let’s talk about the personal life, business career, awards earned and ideology of this talented entrepreneur.

Early Life

This virtuous industrialist comes from a Gujarati Jain Bania family. Dilip Sanghvi was born on October 1, 1955. His place of birth is said to be Amreli, Gujarat (India). Dilip JJ He is an alumnus of Ajmera High School and Bhawanipur Education Society College.

There he first completed his early schooling. After that completed further education. Dileep has a bachelor’s degree from Kolkata University. He spent his childhood and college studies, living with his parents in the Burrabazar area of ​​Kolkata. At present he is settled in Mumbai, Maharashtra (India).

Career & Business

There is a specialty of a person who is successful in life. They do not have any dilemma about their goal. Dilip Sanghvi also had a similar attitude. He did not have a degree in science subject. Nor did they have any big capital. But still he wanted to move forward in the business of medicine. His father was a drug dealer. After his studies, he assisted in his father’s work.

After some time he came to the city of Mumbai in the year 1983 after taking an amount of 10 thousand from his father. After coming to the city of Maya, he marketed the medicine of psychotherapy for some time. After that he moved to Vapi city of Gujarat. There he started a small factory to make medicines.

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He named this company as Sun Pharmaceutical. When he started this small business, he only had a team of 2 people. The same two employees used to provide the company’s medicines to the nearby traders. Initially this company started producing only 5 types of medicines. But slowly he started increasing the products. In four years of establishment, this company moved from a small area and made the whole country its market. Now Sun Pharma’s products are available in every corner of the country.

The founders of big companies like Ranbaxy (Parvinder Singh), Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory (Anji Reddy) and Cipla (Yusuf Hamid) are present in the Indian market with science degree and vast experience. But still the name of Dilip Sanghvi of Sun Pharma Company rings.

The reason for this is very simple. Dileep always keeps his business simple. They focus on “producing and selling medicines for chronic and incurable diseases” rather than general medicine. Leaving worrying about the strategy with which other companies work, they focus only on achieving their target score.

The art of bringing any damaged business back on track and knowing the pulse of the market well comes to this industrialist very well. The life story of this Gujarati pharma industrialist, who has made a continuous contribution to the industry, is very inspiring.

Personal Life

Dilip Sanghvi is married to Vibha Sanghvi. This couple has two children. One of whom is a son and a daughter. His son’s name is Alok Sanghvi. And his daughter’s name is Vidhi Sanghvi. Both of them are working in their father’s company Sun Pharma.

Awards & Honors

  • In the year 1987, he bought the loss making company “Carco Pharma” of America. This was his first major deal for $ 50 million.
  • At present, the market cap of Sun Pharma has become 2.10 lakh crores. This company was started with only a nominal amount of 10 thousand.
  • Sun Pharma’s closest rival, Dr. Reddy’s, has a valuation of nearly three times that of Sun Pharma. Means there is no strong competition from far and wide.
  • After that Dilip Sanghvi bought two more companies in USA itself. He had bought both the companies named “Able Pharma” and “Valient Pharma”.
  • Israel bought the country’s “Tarot Farm” company for $ 450 million. As of today, 50% of Sun Pharma’s income comes from this company.
  • Dilip Sanghvi also holds 23% stake in “Suzlon Energy” company.

Sun Pharma company started 30 years ago has become the Business Leader today. The credit for this fiery success goes to the capable leadership quality of Dilip Sanghvi.

Dilip Singhvi, who has the ability to transform any loss-making pharma company, is given the analogy of Pharma King.

Bought Ranbaxy, a company in trouble with the American FDA. The share of that Sun Pharma was at a price of 590. Which crossed 1000 after the deal. And the share of Ranbaxy had gone up to 800 from the price of 440.

In the year 2011, he received the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Business award.

In the month of March 2015, Dilip Sanghvi became the richest industrialist in India.

In the year 2015, for 8 consecutive years in the list of business magazine Forbes, he became the Richest Indian Businessman by overtaking Mukesh Ambani, who was at number one.

In the year 2016, Dilip Sanghvi has been given the “Padma Shri” award from the Government of India.

In the year 2019, journalist “Som Das” wrote a book named “The Reluctant Billionaire”. This is a returning biography of Dilip Sanghvi.


  1. I like to be victorious And I like to win without fighting.
  2. If a company is not able to do good business, then it is not necessary that it is not a good company.
  3. Every company in the pharma industry is eager to introduce new medicines. But the business of cheap medicine without patent is a profitable deal in this country. It is better to focus on your own goal than to keep track of your competitor’s activity.
  4. Money is the result of my work. And this is accidental.
  5. I never act like a promoter. I always present myself as a manager. There is much more to be learned from this.

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