Durga Mantra in Odia with Sadhana Bidhi,

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Durga Mantra in Odia, Odia Tantra Mantra Book Pdf

Durga Mantra in Odia

Mother Durga’s original mantra is – Om Dum Durgaei Namah. By completing this mantra, the sadhaka is freed from enmity, system obstacles, demonic demonic obstacles and gains great power and achievement. Partial fulfillment of this mantra can be seen by chanting 5 lakhs. By chanting 21 lakh times, various weapons, armor and secret systems can be dreamed. If this mantra is chanted 94 lakh times, one gets the vision of Mother Durga.

The rules of sadhana

First of all, the seat should be purified and purified and worshiped in the Panchopachara manner. A garland of rudraksha or Red Sandal mala and chanting the Om Shri Ganesha Namah mantra will meditate on his Ganesh and Ishta Deva. After it you should dhyana on your Guru and Dhyana on Mahadev and chant one mala and Om Nama Shivaya Mantra. After this he will chant the mantra Om Dum Durgaei Namah. This chanting will be chanted 5 rounds of mala in the initial days. After one week, 7 rounds, after the second week, 11 rounds, after the third week, 21 rounds. Chant this mantra for 6 months by uttering 21 malas in your mouth. For the second 6 months the lips and tongue are moving but the pronunciation of the mantra does not come out of the throat. It means that you will remember the pronunciation of the mantra. For the third 6 months, the entire mantra will be chanted by heart, which means that the tongue or lips will not move. By doing this, the mantra must be perfect within a year and a half and you can know by experience.

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