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Farmer Essay in Odia

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Food is the main ingredient for human survival in the dust, which he collects through agriculture. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least three parts of the country, with hundreds of thousands of people injured in what became known as the Cold War.

Agriculture is a growing way of life and a way of life. Agriculture and farmers are intertwined. One is the moon, the other is its light, and the other is its flower, the other is its beauty.

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Farmer Essay in Odia

Utkal is an agricultural state in terms of natural location and environment. At present, most of the people in this state make a living by farming. The soil in the coastal areas of Odisha is fertile due to its formation by the river Patumati. Due to the availability of river water and canals in the area, the environment here is conducive to agriculture.

However, in the hilly areas of Odisha, the area is not suitable for agriculture due to the lack of land, irrigation facilities and the dependence of the indigenous people on rainfall. The Girijis here are engaged in subsistence farming. Farmers in the plains are the mainstay of agriculture. Among the agricultural products are rice, mung beans, beans, and coal, which farmers import from their lands.