Jala Hi Jibana Essay in Odia | Jala Pradushana in Odia 2022

Jala Hi Jibana Essay in Odia

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We keep on wasting water day and night and forget that life is not possible without water. We should understand the importance of water and save it.

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Even after 71 percent of the earth is water, we still lack clean water. We should use only as much water as we need and do not leave the taps open. Our life is in our hands because water is becoming scarce due to continuous wastage of water and cannot survive without water.

Jala Hi Jibana Essay in Odia
Jala Hi Jibana Essay in Odia Pdf Download

We should also think about those people who have to go far for water and do not get pure water to drink. Water is also necessary for crops and if there is no water then there will be no crop and we will not get food. We completely depend on water. Trees and plants also need water to grow. We should save water. We should collect rain water and use it for washing clothes etc.

We should repair the wear and tear of the pipe quickly. Water keeps us healthy and helps the brain to function properly. We should make people aware to save water. There is water on earth so life is possible here. Understanding this, we should conserve water and should not pollute it.