Kalidas Story in Odia Language

Kalidas Story in Odia Language

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Kalidas brought to his work his visionary and well-thought-out ideas. Kalidas was not only a great poet and playwright, but also a Sanskrit scholar. He was one of the best poets in India.

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Based on India’s mythological and philosophical stories, he wrote his works in beautiful, simple and ornamental language and tried to give India a new direction through his writings.

Kalidas is one of the greatest poets to date. His literary knowledge cannot be described in any way.

Kalidasa’s analogy is not comparable and his description is unique. As music is a major part of Kalidas’s literature, he has also created juices in his literature that are indescribable.

In addition, the great poet Kalidas specializes in literature, which is full of extraordinary talent, he has taken good care of ideological traditions and moral values ​​along with his literary beauty.

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Kalidasa is believed to have been an extreme worshiper of Ma Kali. Kalidasa’s name means ‘the person who serves Ma Kali’.

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Through his work, Kalidas attracted everyone to him. Once upon a time, a person accustomed to his work was only absorbed in the work written by him.

He was only seen one time because he was very attractive, and he was one of the 9 jewels in the court of King Vikramaditya.