Kalindi Charan Panigrahi Biography

Kalindi Charan Panigrahi Biography, mansara bilapa odia story pdf download, kalicharan patnaik wikipedia in odia. Kabichandra Kalicharan Pattanayak (December 23 – July 26, 19) was a modern Oriya playwright, lyricist, poet, Odissi musician and dance expert. Kalicharan began his playwright’s life by performing traditional Leela plays. By the 4th century, he had written and marketed modern stage plays. He created the Sakshigopala Natak Sangha in 1926 and the Odisha Theaters in 1936 to promote and improve the world of Odisha Natakavinaya. Her popular play Girl School (1936) ushered in a new era in Oriya stage theater. He is also known as the ‘Bharatmuni’ of modern Oriya drama. Odissi dance gained its classical status in 1956 due to her efforts.

Kalindi Charan Panigrahi Biography

Childhood and Education

Kalicharan was born on December 23, 2003, in the village of Khamarang, on the outskirts of the rest of the city, to his father Durgacharan Patnaik and mother Radhamali Devi. Kalicharan’s father was a dean of Badambagarh. He completed his primary education at Churchika Primary School and matriculated at Khordha High School. He received his higher education from Ravensa College, Cuttack.

Contribution to Oriya Literature

While studying at Khordha School, Kalicharan became addicted to music, first learning classical music from musicians such as Basudev Mohapatra and later from Ostad Khan Khan and Banwari Mishra. After teaching the short story ‘Mahaparbat’ and the play ‘Kal Bhanjanamala’ by seeing the great mountains of Banki, the teacher Pandit Kripasindhu Hota’s advice to describe the nature of his nature changed his creative outlook. Govindchandra Shurdeo’s relationship with his play was developed. While studying at Ravensa College, he wrote his first poem, The Black Cloud. After reading the poem, Madhusudan Rao gave him a prize of Rs. In 1918, I.A. While composing, he wrote his first play, Dhruva, but his first social play was The Revenge of 1936. He has authored many dance plays, poetry plays, short stories, novels and poems with about 40 full-length plays.

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Contribution to Oriya Fiction

Kalicharan Patnaik has composed songs for Oriya films Lalita (14) and Mati Manish (19). She was the director of Lalita’s short story.

Awards and Honors

Kalicharan Gajapati, who once held the post of poet and king-musician in the royal court of Gajapati Ramchandra Dev, was awarded the title of Kabichandra on the sunny day of 1926 and was given the service of Vishnavagni by Mahaprabhu Sreejagnath. He was later awarded the “Natyacharya” by the Utkal Sahitya Samaj, the Honorary Fellowship by the Kendra Sahitya Akademi, the D.L.T. He rejected the honor (joint winner). [4]

Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award, 14
Ditte, 185
Fellowship (Ratna Member) – Kendra Sangeet Natak Akademi 18
Natyacharya, 16 – Utkal Sahitya Samaj
Kabichandra, 1927
He rejected the Padma Shri award
Kalicharan died on July 18.