Madhusudan Das Jibani in Odia

Madhusudan Das Jibani in Odia is very important topics. In this article i write about madhusudan das biography in odia. Hello all visitors welcome to the orissa times. M.A. from the University of Calcutta The first Oriya to receive MA.B.L. degree Took bold steps to unite the marginalized Odias Emerged in the East as a symbol of the new hopes and aspirations of all Oriyas.

He was the founder of the Utkal Conference, the leader of the Oriya movement and a leader in industrial development. Madhusudan Das was a great legislator and journalist, the first Oriya to be a member of the Legislative Council and a member of the Central Legislative Assembly, and the first to travel London. He had the distinction of being the first Indian minister. He is also known as the elder and Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das.

Madhusudan Das Jibani in Odia

Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das was not only the father of the state of Odisha, he was also the mantra of the Oriya people. In many respects, he was the first Oriya to be recognized and respected. As the first Oriya lawyer, Madhubabu’s legal career was as interesting as ever.

Madhusudan Das Jibani in Odia, Madhusudan Das Biography in Odia

Madhusudan started practicing law in Kolkata on the 16th after passing the legal examination. In Odisha, Bengali lawyers were very influential. Jagmohan Vidyadhar Bhuiyan Mohapatra, the dean of the king of Narsinghpur, who was associated with Madhubabu, persuaded Madhubabu to come to Odisha to practice law.

In 181, Madhubabu severed his long-standing relationship with Calcutta and came to Cuttack to start his own practice. The case of Puri Raja, Mansinghpatna robbery case, Khandapada Raja case, Kendujhar Raja case is important in Madhubabu’s advocacy life.

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