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Malajanha Upanyas Pdf

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Book Name: Malajanha Upanyasa
Author: Upendra Kishore Das
Total Pages: Unknown
File Type: PDF
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Upendra Kishore Das is a real fascinating odia writer. Upendra Kishore Das (February 21, 1901 – April 20, 1922) was an Oriya writer and freedom fighter. He was born on February 21, 1901, and died on April 20, 1922. Upendra Kishore Das is the third son of Rajkishore Das, a zamindar from Kumuda Jaipur in the English-ruled Cuttack district.

Malajanha Upanyas Pdf

He is the adopted son of Gopal Ballabh Das, the author of the novel ‘Bhimabhuyan’. . During his studies at Ravensa College, he joined Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-Aligned Movement (1921). As a result, his student life was cut short. He spent the rest of his life in the service of patriotism and literature. He also excelled in children’s literature and painting. Many patriotic lyricists of his time sang during the liberation struggle.

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