Matrubhasha Essay in Odia

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The mother tongue is the most beloved of all human beings. He does not speak the mother tongue as much as he does the other language. The mother tongue spontaneously drips from the baby’s lips. She speaks her mother tongue on her lips and tries to understand. Just as a person expresses the heart’s emotions through his mother tongue, he cannot express them through another language. The mother tongue is the sole need for natural expression. Race improves, mother tongue improves.

Matrubhasha Essay in Odia

The system of teaching in the mother tongue is a recognized policy in India and around the world. In ancient times, Sanskrit was the official language of India. It was considered the official language. During the Mughal period, Urdu was the main language. Urdu was the dominant language in education. The British then ruled India. They used English as an official language, as well as in education.

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