Morari Bapu Biography

Morari Bapu Biography

Morari Bapu Biography: Morari Bapu was in Talgajarda village near Mahuva in born on 25 September 1946, Gujarat. His father’s name was Prabhudas Bapu Haryani and mother’s name was Savitri Ben, Morari Bapu’s father had 8 children (brother – 6, sister – 2), of which Bapu is one. Morari Bapu talks in both Gujarati and Hindi. He first gave a discourse on Ramcharitmanas. It is said that in childhood, Murari Bapu used to make garlands of basil seeds. He spent most of his life with his grandfather and grandmother. Grandmother used to recite folk tales from Amrit Maa and Ramcharitmanas (chaupaiyan) from Grandfather Tribhovandasji.

Today, Murari Bapu tells the story of Ramcharitmanas in the country and in the world, people are also greatly influenced by him, he has done and has been doing the work of showing the life of Lord Rama among the people. He is also a great storyteller, not only in India but his name is in the whole world. In the year 1960, at the age of 14, Bapu first recited Ram Katha in ‘Ramji Mandir’ at Talgarjada. Due to which in the year 1976, he took up storytelling work in Nairobi.

Morari Bapu Biography
Morari Bapu Biography

Brief Biography –

  • Name – Moraridas Prabhudas Haryani
  • Nickname – Morari Bapu
  • Born – 25 September 1946, 1 year before independence
  • Place of Birth (Hometown) – Talgarjada, Mahuva, Gujarat India
  • Father’s Name – Prabhudas Bapu Haryani
  • Mother Name – Savitri Ben
  • Brother – Sister – 6 brothers, 2 sisters
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife – Narmadaben
  • Children – 4 Prithvi Haryanvi, Bhavna, Prasanna, Shobhana
  • Work – Profession – Storyteller of Ramcharitmanas
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Zodiac – Virgo
  • School Education – Government High School, Talgarjada, Gujarat
  • College Education – Shahpur College Junagadh
  • Present Address – Shri Chitrakutdham Trust, Talgarjada, Mahuva, Distt.- Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Not known about the property.
  • Hobbies – Storytelling

Morari Bapu Remained in Controversies – 

A lawyer from Porbandar had demanded action against officials of the Bun Department for illegally organizing a lion show in the prohibited area of ​​’Gir Sanctuary’ near Junagadh.

Morari Bapu traveled from India, USA, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea to Vatican City and the foothills of Kailash Manasovar in Tibet/China, accompanied by storytelling work on the ship. He used to listen to his story in the ship itself.

Social Thoughts and Ram Katha –

In an interview with Times Now, Murari Bapu aims to make Ram Katha (the story of Ram) accessible to the neglected, exploited and marginalized sections of the society, as Ram himself did with Nishadraj and Sabri. Was. In the year 2016, Morari Bapu organized Ram Katha for transgenders in Mumbai. On this, Indian LGBT activist, Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi said, “No spiritual or religious leader in the world has done this, I am grateful to him.

In the year 1992, Morari Bapu had joined the program organized by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Where he appealed to the youth to ‘fight’ and be ‘martyrs’ for the Ram temple. He has also answered the questions asked by Rajat Sharma in India TV’s popular program “Aap Ki Adalat”, Murari Bapu has joined many other big programs. Today he is a good and great storyteller who is promoting his country and Sanskrit in the whole world through his story, not only India but the whole world congratulates his good deeds.

Some more information related to Murari Bapu –

  • Murari Babu is a great storyteller, Hindu spiritual leader and preacher.
  • It is said that he first gave a discourse on Ramcharitmanas.
  • He was born in a Vaishnava family.
  • As a teacher, he worked in Mahuva (Bhavnagar State, Gujarat) for 10 years as a J.J. Taught at Parekh High School.
  • They have done and are doing good work for the country and society.
  • For his good works, the big leaders of the country even the Prime Minister of India have praised him.
  • Murari Bapu is called the great hero of spirituality.
  • Many times Murari Bapu has also provided financial assistance to the people of the country and many organizations.
  • USA During the Ram-Katha in California, he asked the audience to donate Rs 1 crore for the people suffering from the disaster in Uttarakhand, in the evening, people had arranged 3.41 crores, on which he was very happy. On one thing, people believe in such a way that this is the sign of a good teacher.
  • Morari Bapu has read more than 700 Ram Kathas so far (April 2020), which includes various countries like USA, England, Brazil, Bhutan, Dubai, Australia, South Africa and Kenya, etc.
  • In the year 2009, Morari Bapu organized the ‘World Religion Dialogue and Symphony Conference’ in Mahuva, which was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama.
  • Dilawar Khan, Bapu’s secretary, is a Muslim, due to which a good number of Muslim audience also listens to his Ram Katha.
  • Many famous political leaders of India often come to his meetings.
  • Every year the Muslim community organizes a famous program ‘Yaad-e-Husain’ in Mahuva, in which Bapu participates as the chief guest.
  • He told the story in 2016 in Abu Dhabi, where Morari Bapu was accorded a grand welcome by Sultan Mohamed-bin-Zayed-al-Nahyan.
  • Morari Bapu provides free education to needy students.
  • Morari has also met with Bapu Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and various spiritual leaders several times.