Nari Sikhya Essay in Odia | Nari Sikhya Odia Essay

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Nari Sikhya Essay in Odia

Nari Sikhya Essay in Odia, Women, Nari Sikhya Odia Essay, Nari Sikhya Odia Rachana Pdf Download. Like men, are a huge part of society If women are covered in ignorance and ignorance in the dark So their inner power will remain undeveloped Our birthplace was the birthplace of ancient India even in the year of ancient India Gargi, Maitrayi, Apla, Ghosh, Bishwabara, Lopamudra, Lilavati, Khana and Sanghamitra have shown their originality in various fields.

The names of the medieval Durgavati, Padmini and Mirabai are noteworthy But over time, superstition and superstition have infiltrated Indian society and completely eradicated feminism from India. As a result, Indian society has been plunged into the abyss of collapse instead of moving forward.

Nari Sikhya Essay in Odia, Nari Sikhya Odia Essay, Pdf Download
Nari Sikhya Odia Essay
Nari Sikhya Odia Essay Pdf Download

Women are the mothers, women are the birth mothers, from the birth to the age of five the future citizens are nurtured in the motherland. At this point the mother’s education and influence deeply immerses the minds of the children This is clearly evidenced by the influence of Jijabai on Shivaji and Putalibai on Mohandas.

So if women remain illiterate they will be unable to give their children the right ideals and proper education. As a result, it will be impossible to create a golden city in the country So women education in India is needed.

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Nari Sikhya Odia Essay

Women are the domination of the home, femininity is the sole necessity for housekeeping, management, and economic control. Women’s cooperation should always be in place to make family planning work and in the world of waste and sustainable prevention, so appropriate education needs to be provided for women.

In addition, women should be educated in the fields of music, literature, the arts and sciences for their appropriate contribution and for their contribution to the welfare of the nation and the nation. As a result of the right education, it has been proven in the lives of Sultan Rezia and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that Indian women can firmly rule the country.

So there is no need to doubt the ability of Indian women Undoubtedly, if educated properly, Indian women will be instrumental in building a better and more prosperous India. Therefore, it is imperative that there be legal efforts to promote education among women in every region of India

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