49 Odia Barnamala With Odia Alphabets

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What is Odia Barnamala?

The words we pronounce are formed by the combination of scripts or letters. This letter in odia called Barnamala. Each letter is used on the basis of the characters, and the characters are interconnected to form words. Just as there are Barnamala in every language, there are Odia Barnamala in the Oriya language. The Odia alphabet is called Odia Barnamala. This Odia Barnamala is divided into two parts, the vowel (Swara Barna) and the consonant (Byanjana Barna). Did you know There are 11 vowels in the Oriya alphabet. e.g. A, Aa, I, EE, U, Uu, E, Ai, O, Au. And there are 49 consonant characters.

Odia Barnamala
Swarabarna in Odia
Odia Alphabet
Byanjan Barna in Odia

How Many Barnamala in Odia?

There are about 49 barnamala in Odia language. Of these, 11 are Swarabarna and 38 are Byanjana Barna.

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