Odia Tantra Mantra Book PDF Download

Odia Tantra Mantra Book PDF Download: Hello dear readers, welcome to Odisha Tantra Gyan. Through today’s article I am going to talk about Ganpati sadhana. Ganpati means Ganesh. Gana means people. He who is the husband of the people, meaning the husband or the lord, is the Ganpati. He is called Maha Ganpati or Ganesha or Lambodar. By chanting the sadhana mantra of Ganesha, all kinds of problems in life are instantly relieved. Is sauna hard? Not from deposits. This sauna is so easy that you never thought about it. So how to do sauna? Before knowing how to do sauna, you should know that this sauna can fulfill what needs.

Odia Tantra Mantra Book PDF Download

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What are the benefits of practicing AI?
• If the text is not remembered, the text will be remembered.
• Increases memory power.
• Increases masculinity.
• Royal powers are acquired.
• Income is earned.
• Knowledge is gained.
• Get rid of Navagraha disease.

How to do Sadhana?

This sadhana can be started from any Wednesday. Starting from Wednesday, Nitya will worship Lord Ganesha after 9 pm and chant the said mantra 21 malas in Rudraksha mala. This sadhana is for 41 days. After chanting Pte 21 mala mantra for 41 days, the mantra will be complete. You will see that all kinds of problems in life will end immediately within 41 days. This sadhana is very secret and tested. I have been tested many times. And got amazing results. Visit our website Orissa Times every day to know about Pure Seventh System Sadhana like this. And also subscribe to our youtube channel Odisha tantra gyan.

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Ganesh Utsav will end on this day and idols of Ganesha will be immersed. By chanting his special mantras in the worship of Ganesha, the worship can be successful quickly, that is, the wishes of the devotees can be fulfilled quickly by the grace of God. Know from Odisha astrologer Sahil Kumar Das 3 special mantras of Ganesha and their meaning…

Mantra- 2

Vakratund Mahakaya Suryakoti Samprabh.

Nirvighnan Kurume Dev Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada.

This mantra of Ganesh ji is most popular. The meaning of this mantra is that the one who has a curved trunk, whose body is huge, who is as bright as crores of suns, may the same God bless me to complete all my work without hindrance.

Mantra – 3

Vighneshwaraya Varday Surpriyaya Lambodaraya Sakalaya Jagaddhitayam.

Nagannath Shrutiyagya Vibhushitaya Gaurisutaya Gananath Namo Namaste.

The characteristics of Ganesha have been described in this mantra. Like Ganesh ji is the remover of obstacles, the giver of boons, the beloved of the gods, the lambodar, the knower of all arts, the benefactor of the world, whose face is like a gazelle, who is adorned with Vedas and Yagya. Greetings to the son of Goddess Parvati. O Ganath, we salute you.