Pathani Samanta Biography in Odia

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Pathani Samanta Biography in Odia

Mahamahopadhyay Chandrashekhar Singh Harichandan Mohapatra Samanta (Pathani Samanta) is an extraordinary astronomer and scholar. He was as sincere and pious as a scholar.

As a child, Tulsi was known for her strong talent as a child. Through nearly 23 years of observation and research, he authored the book Siddhanta Darpan. For his extraordinary scholarship and wisdom in astrology, the then British government awarded him the title of Mahamopadhyaya.

She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine. He expressed his basic scientific ideas. For this he has gained worldwide fame. One such scholar was born in a part of Odisha. From a very young age he was educated in Sanskrit poetry. Although he was born into a royal family, he lived a very normal life, ”said Harihar Mishra, president of the Odisha Sahitya Akademi.

At the age of seven, Pathani Samantha’s scholarship was recognized. When he was 12 years old, he read various articles on astrology and mastered it. He could observe the sky and determine the motion of planets and stars. After 13 long years of research, he wrote Sidhanta Darpana.

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When Nayagarh district was undivided, there was a border dispute between Nayagarh and Khandapada. At the time, Samantha Chandrashekhar was involved in mediating the dispute. He began counting the movements of planets and stars in the bamboo tube.

Pathani Samanta Biography in Odia

Pathani Samanta Life History in Odia

Samantha Chandrashekhar was not just Utkal’s identity or glory, he was the glory of the whole of India. His Nature of Knowledge has been published in two editions in England and the United States. He later received the title of Mahamopadhyaya.

He highlighted the benefits of indigenous knowledge techniques. That is why he is said to be the pride of India. It is true that Samantha was an astrologer, but she also had a deep knowledge of literature. ” Such contributions by Pathani Samantha are unique to India. He is a unique researcher not only in Odisha, but all over India. Because of his talent, he won awards from the British government at the time. He was always looking at the sun, the shadows, the sky, and so on.