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Saimum Series PDF Books Free Download – PDF Bangla Book, Saimum is such a popular novel series in Bangladesh that was authored by the leading Bengali author Abul Asad. This series contains a total of 61 books, which PDF copies are available here. In Bangladesh, the Saimum Series is one of the most popular literary works that provide much informative and educative knowledge to its readers. Especially this series helps its readers to know about the geography and culture of many countries, particularly the history of Islam. The readers who want to know about the history of Islam and the present state of Islam, this is a recommended novel series for them. Finally, I would like to say that this series never disappoints the readers who love the thrill.

Saimum Series PDF Books

There are a total of 61 books in this popular series. The writer of this book Abul Asad start this series in 1976 and the first book of this series was Operation Tel Aviv. Check out the below link, to get all the books PDF copies.

  1. Operation Tel Aviv
  2. Operation Tel Aviv
  3. Abar Tel Aviv
  4. Mindanao Bondi
  5. Pamirer Artonat
  6. Roktakto Pamir
  7. Rokto Sagor Periye
  8. Tiyen Shaner Opera
  9. Syngkiyang Theke Kokeshan
  10. Caucauser Pahar
  11. Bolkaner Kanna
  12. Daniyuber Deshe
  13. Cordovar Oshru
  14. Andaluciar Prantore
  15. Gaodelquivere Notun Srot
  16. Abar Singkiyang
  17. Moddho Asiae Kalo Megh
  18. Black Cross er Kobole
  19. Black Cross er Mukhomukhi
  20. Cross Ebong Crescent
  21. Ondhokar Africai
  22. Congor Kalo Buke
  23. Oddrissho Atonko
  24. Raj Chokro
  25. Czarer Guptodhan
  26. Atlantic er Opera
  27. Caribbeaner Dwip Deshe
  28. Mississippir Teere
  29. Americarek Ondhocare
  30. Americai Arek Juddho
  31. Ek New Word
  32. Free America
  33. Octopuser Bidai
  34. Surinamer Sonkote
  35. Suriname Mafia
  36. Notun Gulag
  37. Gulag Ovijan
  38. Gulag Theke Twin Tower
  39. Dhongso Tower
  40. Dhongso Towerer Niche
  41. Kalapanir Andamane
  42. Andaman Sorojontro
  43. Dubo Pahar
  44. Pattanir Sobuj Oronne
  45. Black Eagleer Sontrash
  46. Bosphoruser Ahban
  47. Romeli Durge
  48. Bosphoruse Bisforon
  49. Mount Ararate
  50. Bipode Anatolia
  51. Ekti Dwiper Sondhane
  52. Pacificer Voyponkor Dwipe
  53. Clone Sorojonto
  54. Rhyne Theke Arendsi
  55. Abar Americai
  56. Death Valley
  57. Armenia Shimante
  58. Antonker Deeveen Upotyaka
  59. Rotno Dwip
  60. Bipanna Ratna Dwip
  61. Hui uighurer Hridoye

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