Samayanubartita Essay in Odia | Punctuality Essay in Odia

Samayanubartita Essay in Odia

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Punctuality Essay in Odia

It is very important for the students to be punctual to achieve the goals in their life. This is one of the best qualities, which makes the students more civilized and cultured. Students should develop this quality as a habit to do things at the right time. Being punctual proves the adage that, “A stitch of time is better than a hundred stitches of untimely”, i.e., doing work at the right time saves time and avoids unnecessary hassles.

Samayanubartita Essay in Odia

Punctuality is a great quality of students because, it also teaches them discipline. Using this, students can present at the right time at all places; For example, school, laboratory, classroom, home, examination hall, practical work etc. They can do well both in school and at home. It helps in removing laziness and negative behavior of students both at home and at school. A disciplined and punctual student gains respect, recognition and social acceptance both in the school and in the society. He is admired by parents and teachers.

Punctuality is the key to success for all punctual students. Students should follow all the great leaders of the world to achieve fame and success. It provides golden opportunity to the students to do better in many areas in life. None of us are born with the quality of punctuality; Everyone has to develop it himself. This paves the sure way to success.


Punctuality is an essential quality for everyone. It needs to be developed by all especially the youth of the nation; Because he is the future and he has to lead the country. The rate of development in any country depends on how committed and disciplined the people of that country are towards their profession. Hence, being punctual is the key to success for all.

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