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Sarala Das Biography in Odia

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Fifteenth century. Poet Sarala Das was born into a Shudra family in Kalingag, a large Sarol village, a short distance from Kanakpur in present-day Jagatsinghpur district. There is nothing in his writings about the date on which the poet was born. Inspired by the Mahabharata tradition, he may have been reluctant to introduce himself as the great poet Kalidas, Bhavabhuti, Shakespeare, and Ashwaghosa.

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In his writings, however, he writes that he was born in the village of Sarol under the Kanakbati Patna of Jhankad Pragana. There is still a “Sharla Dasank Dih”. There is a lot to be said for the Kinnik affair from folklore. The poet’s house was on the banks of the Chandrabhaganadi, and a short distance from the old river.

They had four brothers and his family was the head of the village. Their goddess was “Sharla”, so her family worshiped her mother. With her mother’s blessing, the poet’s family was always happy with their clothes. The family did not know what was missing.

Sarala Das Biography in Odia
Sarala Das Biography in Odia

Gajapati Kapilendradev was the ruler of Odisha and during his reign the people lived happily ever after. The soil of Odisha is Sujala Sufala Grain Shyamala. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Flowers and fruits of various kinds are full of food regimes. The Oriya boy was filling the state with gold by trading himself in the rest of the food trade.