Sheesham Wood in Odia, Meaning and Benefits

Sheesham Wood in Odia, sheesham wood in odia name, sheesham tree meaning in odia. Hope you guys have also seen the sheesham wood tree somewhere because the sheesham wood tree is found in almost every corner of India. However, it may also happen that the furniture kept in your house is made of rosewood, but do you know what other benefits it has other than rosewood wood? I think you are not aware of this. Sheesham Wood Tree Name in Odia.

Sheesham Wood in Odia

Today I will tell you how to plant a rosewood tree through this article of mine? What are the benefits of Sheesham tree? What is rosewood? I am going to give important information related to etc. So please read this article till the last.

What are the benefits of sheesham wood?

Till today you must know that Sheesham is a type of tree and furniture etc. is made from its wood.

  1. Timber
  2. as fuel
  3. as a toothbrush
  4. as a pesticide
  5. in the construction industry
  6. medical benefits
  7. Sheesham is used as a treatment in many diseases and has many benefits –

Use of rosewood is beneficial in eye diseases : If you have any kind of irritation in your eyes, then mix a little honey in the juice coming out of rosewood leaves. After mixing, put 1 or two drops in the eye. This will give relief from the burning sensation in your eyes.

Rosewood is beneficial in fever related treatment : If you want to get rid of fever quickly and you want to avoid eating English medicine, then first mix 320ml of water, 160ml of milk and 20 grams of rosewood essence. After this you heat this mixture properly on the stove. When heated properly, the person who has fever should consume it 3 times a day. This will cure the fever quickly.

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