Shiva Mantra in Odia Pdf With Sampurna Bidhi | Odia Tantra Mantra Vidya

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Shiva Mantra in Odia Pdf

Namah Shivaya Mantra is called Shiva Panchakshari Mantra in Odia. If this mantra is preceded by Pranava Mantra, it becomes Shadakshari Mantra. Do you know how to chant the Panchashri Mantra? And how can this panchakhri mantra be Siddhi? What happens when the mantra becomes Siddhi? According to system scriptures called Mantra Mahodhadhi and Mantra Maharnava, Mantra Japat Siddhi means Siddhi is achieved only by chanting the Mantra. What is called Mantra Siddhi? When the mantra touches its highest power and causes the cosmic energy to flow into the body of the Sadhaka, that state is called Mantra Siddha. That is, when the sadhaka achieves the desired state of mind by only chanting the mantra, it is called the state of mantra siddhi. If the sadhaka wants to satisfy worldly or material needs then he should chant the Panchakhari mantra. Chanting this mantra regularly 21 lakh times is perfect. To make the mantra complete, one has to chant 96 lakh times. Then this mantra will give the sadhak Astassiddhi and Nava Nidhi and place him in Shivalok.

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