Soil Pollution Essay in Odia Language Download

Soil Pollution Essay in Odia

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Soil, like water and air, is our basic need Soils are plants, grains and tree plants Clean soil is essential for tree planting, animal and human growth Land pollution is the imbalance of any element found in the land.

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Contaminated land has a negative impact on crops and organisms Solid waste causes soil pollution Problems are escalating day by day due to the increase in the amount of waste and the lack of appropriate waste disposal options.

Soil Pollution Essay in Odia

Garbage from factories and homes is dumped in open areas and land is polluted Land pollution is also caused by various human activities and natural causes Some of the causes of land pollution include the use of pesticides, the lack of alternatives for industrial and agricultural waste disposal, deforestation, increased urbanization, acid rain and mining. All of these factors interfere with agricultural work and also cause various diseases of animals and humans.