[PDF] Summer Season Essay in Odia PDF {FREE DOWNLOAD} 2021

Summer Season Essay in Odia

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Summer Season Essay in Odia

In summer the weather becomes very hot. Fans, coolers, etc. are used in homes to escape the heat. The sun is very strong in this season and it becomes difficult to go out of the house in the afternoon. Hot winds blow in the afternoon which is called Loo. People get sick due to heatstroke, so people do not come out of their homes in the afternoon.

But children like this season very much because in this season there is summer vacation. When it is summer vacations, the children go to their maternal uncle’s house or for a walk outside the village or city.

In the summer months, children get a chance to play, roam and have fun. Delicious mango, watermelon, melon, cucumber, cucumber etc. fruits are also available in this season. Summer season is very important for our environment, in this season toxic germs die.

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