Sunstroke Essay in Odia Language (Ansughata Rachana)

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Sunstroke Essay in Odia

The sun is the source of all power. The state of the whole world is impossible without sunlight. So when the sun’s rays become too intense or the sun’s heat rises, trees, animals, birds, and human society are affected. In some places, the effects of the sun’s rays can be severe. This sunburn injury or death is called sunstroke. So let’s start Sunstroke Essay in Odia Language which can help you get more score in your exams.

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Causes of sunstroke: In the past, there was no such thing as a “lethal” death. Currently, the incidence of sunstroke is on the rise. Because the balance of the environment and nature is disturbed. We humans are primarily responsible for this. Trees are constantly being cut down from the forest to meet human needs.

Sunstroke Essay in Odia

As a result, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases, the carbon dioxide rises, the temperature rises, and the environment becomes polluted. The deforestation is also reducing the amount of rainfall and increasing the amount of sunlight. In the summer of 18, there was a severe outbreak in Odisha. The sun’s temperature rose to about 50 degrees Celsius, causing sunstroke. Rapid industrialization, heavy traffic congestion, multi-storey buildings, and rapid deforestation have led to landslides.

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Patient treatment: The person who suffers from sunburn should first wash his head and wipe his body with a wet towel. Her clothes should then be loosened and taken to an air-conditioned place. Pied water will allow you to drink yogurt. The doctor will be taken to the hospital immediately after waking up.