Taurus Horoscope in Odia (Sign, Personality)

The qualities, nature, and personality of the people of Taurus zodiac Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. The people of this zodiac want the fruits of their efforts and hard work in any condition. Taurus people struggle in doing any work without thinking.

The sign of Taurus:

The sign of Taurus is ‘bull’. Bull is hardworking and semen-wan by nature. Usually the bull is calm, but if it gets angry, then it also takes a fierce form, some of this nature is also seen in the people of Taurus.

Physical structure of Taurus people: The people of Taurus zodiac have a happy and full face and their skin is very soft. Apart from this, the lips of the people of this zodiac are also very soft.

Personality of Taurus natives: Taurus natives are generally of a calm nature. People of this zodiac are successful in making a place in the hearts of thousands and crores of people with their speech and art of conversation. Taurus sign people cannot be fooled.

Hobbies of Taurus people:

Taurus people are very fond of reading books related to astrology, playing, dancing etc. People of this zodiac are also interested in knowing new information and about various events and places.

Weaknesses of Taurus people:

The people of Taurus zodiac are usually stubborn. Also, people of this zodiac are very lazy and do not keep their belongings organized. Also, people of this zodiac are more conservative than other people.

Education and business of Taurus people: The people of Taurus zodiac are very reliable, hardworking, patient and complete, so they get a lot of success in the fields of agriculture, banking, medicine, education and construction. On the basis of their hard work, people of this zodiac can also touch the heights of the sky.

Love relationship of Taurus people:

People of Taurus zodiac believe in such a love which is solid and firm, they hate artificial and false love. The people of this zodiac believe in keeping their character clean and safe like a mirror.

Marital / married life of the natives of Taurus zodiac – Family life: The male natives of Taurus zodiac crave to get everything related to marriage and married life completely. Along with this, Taurus people are also known for their loyalty and they are always ready to help people.

Best friends of Taurus people:

Taurus has a very loving relationship with the people of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn. Apart from this, despite differences of opinion on many issues between Aries and Taurus, both have a good friendship.

  • Lucky number of Taurus natives: 6
  • Lucky color of Taurus natives: Blue and purple
  • Auspicious day for Taurus natives: Friday
  • Lucky stone for Taurus natives: Diamond