Toor Dal in Odia Meaning And Price

Toor Dal in Odia is called Harada Dali (ହରଡ ଡାଲି), it is very healthy for our body. It’s easily available in overall odisha and our surrounding.

Toor Dal in Odia

What is Toor Dal Meaning in Odia?

Toor dal meaning in odia is harada dali or Arhar dali. Toor dal is one of the most widely used pulses. It is used in popular dishes such as Sambhar in South India, Gujarati Dal, the popular Puran Poli and many other dishes. Toovar dal is thick and fleshy and cooks faster than moong dal or masoor dal.

Health Benefits of Toor Dal

  • Toor dal is rich in protein, which is the building of good health.
  • It has good fiber content and is also diabetic and heart friendly.
  • Being an excellent source of folic acid, pregnant women should include toovar dal in their daily diet.
  • Being an excellent source of fiber it helps in preventing and relieving gastric problems like constipation.


A lots of Doctors recommend their diet plans to eat toor dal because it has too much nutrition which fulfill our body requirements.

  1. Sugar
  2. Vitamin A
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin K
  5. Calcium
  6. Protein
  7. Fiber
  8. Iron

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